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Digital D.O. Meters

We are offering digital d.o. meters with 3½ digit LED display with Gold/Silver probe. Along with Gold/Silver D.O. Probe, RTD temperature probe and 3½ digit LCD display with Gold/Silver D.O. Probe.

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Labtronics Products

Item Code: LT-18_LT-27_LT-28

We offer an exclusive range of Digital D.O. Meters to our customers. These are used to evaluate oxygen liquefy in water and index of biological and physical processes in water. With the specification of power 230V A.C. 50 Hz and range between D.O. 0 to 20.0 PPM, these are highly durable and accurate.

Technical Specifications

Range    D.O.

0 to 20.0 ppm

Resolution    D.O.

0.1 ppm

Accuracy    D.O.

0.1 ppm + 1 count

Temp. Compensation

0o C to 50o C Manual

Compensation    D.O.

+ 3%

D.O. Sensor type    D.O.

Amperometric Gold/Silver membrane



3 1/2 digit LED display


230V A.C. 50 Hz


2 Kg

Standard Accessories

DO Electrode

1 Nos.

Instruction Manual

1 Nos.

D.O. Membranes

10 Nos.

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